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The Paper Bag (Almost) Daily is a semiweekly, lunchtime email newsletter featuring trailblazing news, stories and people.

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To highlight and inspire. The Paper Bag highlights unique and uplifting stories about women in all industries and facets of business that invoke change. The content will inspire readers to follow in the footsteps of the women featured.

Why The Paper Bag?

In our first “HER-story”, a segment in which we spotlight women who have paved the way, we pay tribute to Margaret Knight. Born in New Hampshire on Valentine’s Day 1836, Knight invented the flat-bottomed paper bag at the age of 31. After being hired by the Columbia Paper Bag Company, she was inspired to build a machine that would both fold and glue the bottom of paper bags, creating the vastly improved flat-bottomed version of the bag we’re all familiar with today.

After building and perfecting a wooden prototype of the machine, Knight hired a machinist shop to make the iron version required to file a patent. Unfortunately (but perhaps unsurprisingly to many of our readers), her idea was stolen by a male shop worker. He built the machine and filed the patent himself. Refusing to be defeated, Margaret filed an interference lawsuit to reclaim the patent that was rightfully hers. Against the odds, justice prevailed and Knight won the lawsuit; she became one of the first women to be awarded a U.S. patent.

Our newsletter is here to honor Margaret, tell the stories of women like her, and inspire the next generation of Margarets to come. Join us in building this community of trailblazing women. We’ll be serving up lunch every Tuesday and Friday.

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